5 Factors Vital For Making A Website’s Loading Speed Faster

5 Factors Vital For Making A Website’s Loading Speed Faster

So much competition these days on the World Wide Web make companies think about novel ways to attract new visitors which can eventually turn into their customers. But once you will start getting lots of traffic and your website can’t cope up with the number, then you are doomed. On the other hand, website’s speed is another aspect which as a business owner you need to keep track on.

Let me offer you 5 of the most important aspects in this regard.

1. Change Your Images

Images eat up most bandwidth for a website and the more images you have on your website, the longer the page will take to load. As simple as that. Because we need images on any website selling products or services, you can use different image sizes and formats that reduce the size of the image without compromising on quality. Use image of lower resolution that will do the job just fine. Heavy images would not be needed anyway as most users on smart users don’t want heavy images anyway and they can’t tell the difference much.

2. Remove Old Plugins

Using a tool like WordPress to build a website adding new plugins whenever you need a new feature is easy. These plugins can add up quickly, and they might impact your load times if you’re not careful. Review your current plugins and uninstall any that you aren’t currently using! On that note, you should also always research new plugins before installing them on your WordPress to ensure they function well!

3. Configure Your Expires Headers

If you don’t want to make your visitors loading your website after every few minutes, use this simple technique. Your computer stores information about websites you visit so you can easily load them. These stored files come with an expiration date known as expires headers, and this is usually set to 24 hours. You can set this to either never time out or to expire after a greater period of time.

4. Review Your Hosting Plan

A lot of new websites opt for very inexpensive hosting packages which while good on the pocket but in the long run they are good for nothing. In fact, they are the ones which are one of the factors which make the website’s loading speed considerably slower as lots of load on them. You need dedicated servers for a business portal. Having a VPS or Virtual Private Server means great uptimes so that you can make sure your visitors don’t leave your website midway while loading for good.

5. Consult a Professional

When in doubt, consult a professional like a Toronto web design & development firm. The load time can make or break your website. It impacts your SEO and page ranking and that’s why there are many aspects that can be termed as critical. As a business owner of a website, you need to make a wise decision in this regard.

Final Word

I am sure by now you have got some useful information on this topic. Please share your valuable feedback with other readers of this blog by using the comments section below.

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