Customer Relations or CRM Stile Life

Customer Relations or CRM Stile Life

Customer management system is a powerful weapon in the service of business and commerce, it allows to automate the processes of marketing, sales and customer service.

CRM is neither an instrument of control nor a business technology. It is, first of all, ideology, way of life and even to some extent religion. Customer relations is a person’s relationship with a person, and not with a company, behind which stand faceless people,no matter it is a support operator who received a letter from a client, or a manager called a potential buyer.

CRM is the art of building relationships with customers, and the specialized software just puts this process on a scientific basis. The customer management system as a tool for attracting and retaining customers allows to influence the leads and customers more purposefully and subtly, unobtrusively stimulating them to make a purchase. From this point of view, CRM is a powerful weapon in the service of business and commerce.

Functions of the Customer Management System

The main goal of implementing the CRM-system is automation and optimization of all processes of interaction with consumers through the effective use of information about them. As a result, the company builds strong relationships with customers, increases the value of the client base by attracting and developing profitable customers.

Information technologies, which were used earlier, allowed to automate and integrate the whole work with clients, including operations related to marketing, sales and customer service. Modern CRM-solutions went beyond the usual set of functions. They provide the business with additional tools for client analytics, e-commerce and personalization.

CRM-system in general and management of customer relations in particular, perform specific functions, allowing you to solve specific tasks at each stage of working with customers.

Customer Relations and Management of Clients in Marketing

At the attracting stage, the system provides tools for influencing potential consumers of your products and services. It allows you to analyze the needs of customers and predict consumer behavior through research and surveys. The system stores the history of all interactions with customers, which allows us to build the right strategy for cooperation with them in the future.

CRM in Sales

In sales, the customer management system allows you to organize transparent management of the sales process, monitor the work of managers at each stage of the transaction. CRM-system allows you to optimize the workflow, speed up the process of negotiating commercial offers, additional conditions, discounts and quotas.

CRM-system in the Client Service

With the CRM-system you can provide customers with exceptional service after the transaction by automating the planning and control of the delivery of goods. Customer relations also allow you to organize work with customer requests, complaints and claims, track requests for services.

Analytical Capabilities of CRM

The introduction of the CRM-system also helps to analyze the key performance indicators of the company, to obtain up-to-date and accurate statistics and to make right decisions based on them, and to plan a business strategy.

You can endlessly discipline employees and teach them “proper” communication with customers. But in the end, you get only robot people who will diligently strangle the template phrases. Not always processes and regulations are sufficient, culture and attitude, care and attention to clients are important as well.

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