Digital Marketing Mistakes Companies Commonly Make

It is crucial for companies to periodically review their digital marketing strategy and identify productive actions. Companies also need to identify areas that require improvement and those that need to be eliminated. Mistakes can be your best teachers, but may also cost you a lot of money. Companies need to know some of the most common errors in digital marketing so they can avoid them while developing an online strategy.

One of the pioneers of digital marketing is Caleb Ulku, founder and CEO of Ulku Logistics LLC. Because of Ulku’s experience operating in the industry, professionals and companies often seek his insights while developing their digital strategies.

Here are Ulku’s insights on common mistakes companies make:

  1. They invest more in Google and Facebook ads

The paid ads on Facebook and Google help achieve greater reach for a marketing campaign, provided a defined strategy is followed. It is common to think that more ads will produce better results, but this is not the case.

Too many ads could bore and annoy your audience, causing them to lose interest in your brand. Ads must be a complement and not a central part of the strategy.

  1. They do not understand your buyer’s persona

Your buyer’s persona is what should dictate the strategy of your digital marketing campaign. Defining and understanding your buyer will make it clear to whom your ads and publications are directed, which means you will know how and when to get the information.

Understanding your buyer implies knowing their geographical location, socioeconomic level and cultural features, but also their tastes, aspirations, consumption habits and internet behaviors. This data will help you define the hours of highest traffic and publish during these hours for the best results. You will also be able to find out the type of formats (visual or static) that are preferred by buyers.

  1. They do not use retargeting

If you have been viewing a product from a website and a few minutes later an ad appears for the same product on another page, it means that the company has used retargeting. Retargeting is a technique that increases the possibilities to generate leads and increase your sales.

Avoid losing those users who have visited your page only once. You can continue to get their attention with ads targeting exactly what they were looking at on your site.

  1. They do not promote content

Website content is made to be seen and read. It easy to publish content on your social sites or in your blog, but it does not guarantee the content will reach the intended audience. This is normal when we keep in mind the large amount of information available on the Internet.

If you notice few reactions from users when you publish content, be creative. Take advantage of the different channels that are available and draw attention so that your users want to read your content.

Take into account the time you publish so you can take advantage of the days and times when there is more traffic. Other tips: Use your mailing list to reach your leads because they already have some loyalty to your brand. Use the trending hashtags and reach out to influencers to reach more people.

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