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How To Build A Bespoke Website

The phrase “content is king” is fading away from the marketer’s vocabulary but a new term “interactive content” is slowly filling that void. Now, what does that mean? Means the content is still the central factor. Well, might be in a different way but the centrality remains intact.

Haveyou ever wondered  what it takes to make an interactive and content based website? Undoubtedly, you need to choose the best CMS and that is WordPress Framework; Unquestionably! No, do not get into that trap of making your website by yourself. That is suicidal because there is a difference between a template-based website and customized website.

 You can create a template based website that would look unprofessional but if you want a serious and meaningful result, then hire custom WordPress development services to build a customized website that can promote interactive content.

Since a lot of aspects are to be considered like the motion graphics, imagery, the interface, special features and the size, it demands a structural approach to accomplish the objective and the process should ideally start from the planning stage.


The planning is a complicated phase of the process. The development team needs to find out the objective, the value proposition of your product and services, the brand ideology and required core messaging system. This is the time when the stakeholders, the marketing team, and the customers will be required to give their input.

Site architecture:

For complex sites, the architecture plays a great role. The sitemap, the wireframes, the documentation are the important factors that developers should consider to create a blueprint. Therefore, you need to hire superlative WordPress Development Services.

The design:

The design process is one of the major parts of the development process. At this stage, you will have to decide the visual aesthetic, the user experience, and the responsive design. More than 50% of internet users access internet on their Smartphones or tabs. Hence, it is imperative that you speak with the designing team to make it responsive for all devices and ecosystems.

The development:

Here the real game begins and this is one of the complex phases where you need human resources. First, there would be front-end coder who specialized in WordPress, you also need a technical lead to work with front-end and back-end coders.

 That is not all! You need to have the quality analyst to verify the quality of the application. All these roles are different and dynamic. Each role has a different set of objective and only an expert organization will be able to provide a competitive team who can carry out the development work effectively.

The testing:

Now, after the development process gets over, you need to test the application to find out the bugs, actually, it is advisable that you work with an experienced WordPress development team that knows the bugs, a new team on the framework might encounter more new bugs which can affect the project as far as time is concerned.

The project management:

You have to deploy a manager who can look at the complete development process that means a person should look after each process. Since each phase is crucial, it is important that you should monitor the progress and track it.

Finding the right organization:

Well, all this can happen only when you find an organization that is experienced in working on the platform, well, WordPress is pretty commonplace and everyone seems to have fair idea and working knowledge but when it comes to complex site building process, you need an experienced team because building a basic site is easy but building a customized site is pretty much difficult task.

You need to find the strength of the team, ask the companies to provide the previous work sample and verify their pricing. Well, this should be the core consideration because different organizations charge differently. While some companies charge you on the project basis, quite a few companies charge you on an hourly basis. The hourly basis service charge can be a costly affair but it has its own benefits. Hence, it is important that you choose the company appropriately.

You need to also find out the maintenance and hosting costs. Building a site and leaving it without proper maintenance is not a wise choice. In fact, when you build an e-commerce site, you need to have a dedicated team that can look after the site. Since the technical faults are more likely to take place, it is mandatory that you think about the maintenance service.

The Final Thought:

By choosing the WordPress Development Services India and considering the above-mentioned points, you will be able to create a site that not only propagates brand ideology but also brings better revenue. So, ensure that you approach the development process with complete preparedness. It is an intricate process to build a customized website but you can simplify it by being organized.

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