Importance of the Discard Technique in a Rummy Game

If you want to be an expert rummy player, then you should be well-versed with rummy rules and strategies, one of which is to be attentive to cards in the discard pile. A discard pile consists of cards players throw away during the game. Players throw the card they personally do not require. However, discarding technique is much more than discarding cards you do not require because it can be much useful to win rummy, and well tell you how.

Below are some tips about how to use discard technique and importance of a discard pile.

  1. Pay Attention to the Discard Section

It is important for card players to keep a watch on the cards the opponents discard. If you play rummy online for real cash, this is a tip you should never forget. You can know the cards discarded by checking out the Discard Section. Here all the discarded cards would be visible. But, you need to memorize, which opponent discards which card, and that you can do when you focus on the game.

You must not throw a card that is useful to the opponent. One small mistake can cost you the game, so be very careful about the cards others discard. For instance, if the opponent picks 5 and 6 of Heart from then open deck (discard pile) then you should not throw 7 and 8 of Heart, because the rival will surely pick these rummy cards to form a pure sequence.

  1. Discard Cards Related to the Joker

Joker card is basically a wild card in rummy. It can be used to replace a card you do not have to form a sequence or a set. Players usually do not use a Joker to form a pure sequence, as the former is a trump card to form impure sequences or sets, and to make a valid declare. So, to win Indian rummy online games, many use the trick of discarding cards closer to Jokers, which usually the opponents will not pick.

For instance, in a rummy patti game if 5 is the Joker card, then you may discard cards closer to number 5, such as 4 and 6. The rival may not like to waste the Joker in making a pure sequence with related cards.  However, you can even reverse this trick. For instance, you have 7 of Heart, and you pick 8 of Heart from closed deck. Now, you need not discard 8 of Heart. Because, it is possible that the opponent may discard 6 of Heart, given that is a closer card to the Joker card, 5.

  1. Discard Cards to Get the Cards You Need

Another discard technique is to trick your opponents into giving you a card you require. If you know how to play rummy, you do understand that confusing opponents is one of the best tricks to win at the game. So what do you need to do to get a much-needed card from the opponent? Let us give an example. For instance, you have 2, 3, and King of Spade. You can discard King of Spade, tricking the rival to believe that you do not need Ace of Spade.

So, the opponent may easily discard Ace of Spade, which you can pick to form a pure sequence of Ace, 2, and 3 of Spade. This way, you can use discard technique for an ultimate rummy online play experience and assure your win in the game.

If you have understood the discard technique, you have mastered the art of a 13 card rummy game to a great extent. Use these on your opponents and celebrate a win.

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