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Quick Advantages Of Titanium Framework Development

Titanium has always been a great choice for delivering applications that are robust, include consumer interest and take businesses ahead of the competition. The benefits offered by Titanium framework development is countless and valuable to deliver highly useful mobile apps.

Appcelerator is a cross-platform framework developed for creating mobile applications with robust architecture. The framework allows creating native mobile applications that function across all major devices and operating systems. Based on the latest web development technologies like CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, Media Query and jQuery, Titanium is an advanced framework for designing mobile apps of simple to complex level.

The framework boasts more than 50,000 applications that are deployed on 80 million devices. Some of the major advantages of Titanium framework development are:

Supports multiple platforms

One of the best feature of Titanium is that it supports multiple platforms by having a unique feature that allows it to deploy apps without compatibility issue on devices like tablets, desktop and laptop.

Simple to learn and deploy

The framework is quite easy to understand for developers as it comprises CSS3, HTML5, Ajax and JavaScript. This makes it easy for experts to comprehend every detailed aspect of the framework and make use of it to strengthen the development work.

Outstanding performance

The framework is embedded with multiple functional entities to deliver a high-performing application.

Easy to access native features

Titanium framework development comes with a platform-independent API that can make applications feature-rich. Titanium easily makes use of the device feature like camera, GPS, navigation, contacts, storage, touchscreens and much more.

Rapid Prototyping

Going with its name, Appcelerator Titanium is a framework that accelerates the process of app development by creating applications in a flexible way. A few line of coding is required to design a single app that works on multiple platforms and devices. Titanium framework also makes it easy for developers to first sketch a prototype to assess user interaction with the UI of app. This, in turn, leads to the facilitation for rapid development.

Large community

When it comes to the community of developers, Appcelerator has almost 200,000+ developers who have used the tool to design more than 35,000 apps. Appcelerator’s growing community of developers has contributed a huge to the marketplace by launching Open Mobile Marketplace for selling, purchasing modules, templates design elements and extensions for web development services. Appcelerator is recently creating a mobile platform for a growing community.

Titanium is completely web-oriented

Titanium helps in the development when the app interacts with a web development service. The application in itself is designed. It is designed using the topmost web technologies. This web-oriented nature has a great impact not only in simplifying the development process but also on saving the overhead required to elaborate the data exchanged through remote communication.

With the benefits mentioned above, Titanium is a framework designed for applications with improved performance, speed and code quality.


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