The Android App Will Be the Next Best Mobile Marketing Strategy

You are living in a world that is communicative and emotional; the cultural and social boundaries are dissolving; emotions are becoming explorative and cultures are intermingling with each other, and the digital technology is driving this growth. From the social media to websites and mobile Apps, people are jumping onto the digital bandwagon. And it is not a fad; in fact, it has become a way of life.

As an entrepreneur, you might get confused about your digital marketing strategy and it is obvious to get baffled because so many ideas, an array of different perceptions hinder your mind to get the insight. This article aims to provide you the critical analysis of the mobile app market in India should you think of hiring android app development services.

The key Insights:

  1. India is the second largest app using nation with a staggering 58 billion Android app downloads that market witnessed in the year 2017
  2. The Android is leading the OS market with a massive 85% market share when the iOS is trading at just 14%
  3. The smartphone users search for the products on the app than the website and more than 80 % of the users prefer Apps than the mobile responsive websites
  4. The global m-commerce is expected to make transactions over $600 billion by the end of the year 2018. And 25% of the retailers made more than 50% sales through the mobile phone. It is the global statistics.
  5. Almost 60% searches come from the smartphones and out of those nearly 29% are local searches

The data is indicating towards a market that is poised to change the perception of the brick and mortar shops. Yeah, people prefer to shop from the luxury of their home and they want superlative service. Hence, it is wise to find an Android App Development Company India and kick-start your digital strategy.

What to expect from the App development company?

  1. First, the App development company should be able to give you a product strategy that should include the blueprint of the App
  2. The company must help you with the App store deployment process
  3. They should be able to offer you a cost-effective solution and that would greatly depend on their expertise and the quality of the developers they deploy on the project.
  4. You should also look at their previous work and if possible ask them to provide customer reviews.

Apparently, you have to adapt to the digital ecosystem and create mobile apps to stay afloat in this competitive marketplace. Hence, ensure that you analyze your strategy and hire Android Mobile App Development service provider that can boost your business.

Note; you cannot simply create an App and expect your business go viral; in fact, you have to have a thoughtful content strategy along with marketing plans if you want to give yourself any chance of succeeding in this competitive marketplace. Hence, ensure that you approach digital marketing strategy rationally with clear objectives and then only you can succeed.

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