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Things That You Should Know About Speech Recognition

Things That You Should Know About Speech Recognition

There are various automated systems that can implemented to computers, so these devices are able to perform various tasks without our intervention. Speech recognition has developed quickly in recent years, after its implementation in mobile devices. SIRI is a good example of usable speech recognition technology and for office settings, Dragon Naturally Speaking is a common solution to use. While any of these solutions are not by any means perfect, they are quite usable. If your company has a call center department, it is a good idea to implement the speech recognition technology and it can be integrated in your business operations. There are different speech recognition solutions that you can choose. The speaker-dependent speech recognition solution is one of the technologies that we use. This solution can be used to convert speeches to readable texts. This capability can be embedded in email and word processor programs by using a microphone. It means that, instead of typing, you are able to talk freely and then make adjustments later.

This solution also includes a linguistic algorithm, so proper changes can be automatically applied, so the results will become correct in terms of grammar and vocabulary. The accuracy of the speech recognition system can be based on your voice tone, inflection and rate of speech. These factors can be different for each person. It can be quite challenging for the speech recognition software to fully comprehend your verbal speech. In many cases, users will need to read a few pages of scripts and you will need to make corrections to how the software interprets your speech. This should allow the device to become fully familiarized with your office. After a number of adjustments, the software should be able to follow your verbal speech more accurately. Another type is the speaker-independent speech recognition solution, which is used for answering service and IVTs. When we use this program, we don’t need any kind of training, but it’s usually less efficient than the speaker-dependent type. The most common way to use solution is by preparing a text and it will be converted into speech.

Speech dependent and independent can be integrated into a single system. As an example, a customer may call a company and ask the system for specific information. The speech will be converted into text by the speech-dependent module and it will be used to query the database. Then, the speech-independent module will read the database records and convert them into speech that can be heard by the caller. Speech recognition isn’t something new, but not all solutions are accurate enough to be particularly useful for home and business uses. Speed and accuracy are two essential parameters that we need to be aware of. Problem can happen when the system fails to accurately determine your speech. The speed of your speech can also determine the overall accuracy. If you speak too fast, it is possible that the system won’t be able to accurately to pick up your messages.

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