USA Summer Vacation: 5 Spots to Relax in the Midwest

In the USA, there are no problems when choosing a place of entertainment for the whole family, because this country is just filled with parks, inviting you to have a wonderful time. If you’ve booked a car from Enterprise at Cincinnati airport and plan to visit the American Midwest soon, then you will be surprised by the number of places for entertainment and fun available there. These are large-scale parks: they are full of adventures, attractions, fabulous locations and related tourist infrastructure. Here are some of the best options…

Cedar Point

Cedar Point 006

The park on the spit at Lake Erie is considered to be the oldest amusement complex in Ohio. Americans began to entertain and relax in the XIX century, having founded a fashionable resort near Sandusky city.

Cedar Point is America’s leader in the number of rides concentrated in a small area. The selection of entertainments is balanced – there are attractions for adults only, as well as options for children of different ages.

The most favorite travelers’ roller coasters are:

The park is full of rides, but there are also water rides with waves. Inside you’ll find another entertainment complex – Challenge Park, which requires a separate ticket for children and accompanying adults.

It offers several entertainments, taking passengers to the height of 46 meters, and high-speed carousels. Children will enjoy karting by the lakes, while adults can play golf on the fields. Also, there are indoor water parks.


Legoland Discovery Center

(photo by Betsy Nelson)

The park was created in the suburbs of Chicago, especially for young Americans and tourists. The safe age for fun and visiting rides starts at three years old, ten-year-olds are the most mature visitors to the park.

Chicago’s Legoland was initially divided into small themed parts and a mini-land with a design copy of the metropolis itself with a thousand trifles. Visitors will get to the insidious jungle, where the boys can try to save the princess, and the girls can choose any fairy-tale character.

After walking with the children for several hours in the park, you can spend time in the themed cafe, eat the local specialty, then buy a souvenir, and continue the entertainment challenge.




(photo by Tyler Smith)

The park was founded by Hershey’s chocolate manufacturer, near the town of the same name in Pennsylvania. Hersheypark is positioned as a family-friendly place, with children’s activities, suitable for the youngest visitors. This is another place with the history of the United States, which lasts from the XIX century. Many years ago, the picturesque hills of the park were a favorite place for family picnics.

The park is divided into nine zones offering entertainments. Totally, you’ll be able to try seven dozen roller coasters, carousels, and a Ferris wheel. In a separate part, water activities for children with steep slides are provided.

In addition, kids can have fun in a specially created playground. You can eat in the cafe, but it’s possible to buy sweets on the streets of the park. Hersheypark offers the ability to stay with children right inside the complex by booking a hotel. The only disadvantage is that the park entertains children only in spring and summer.


Worlds of Fun

Worlds of Fun (7/19/06)

(photo by Jonathan Hawkins)

In the seventies, a new amusement park appeared in the United States that occupied the riverbank near Kansas City. By the end of the century, the park expanded to a hundred hectares and joined Oceans of Fun Water Park.

The main theme of the park is the motives of the novel by Jules Verne, where children and adults are invited to complete a journey in the style of Willy Fog, but not around the earth – but on the rides of the entertainment complex. Those kids, who are not allowed to difficult slides and installations, can try such game areas as Camp Snoopy, and Pandamonium.

Older children can quickly move between zones named after continents, choosing entertainment in the style of the peoples who inhabited the mainland. In Africa, your kids can experience the Nile Rage, rafting on the river. In America, children will ride on the railroad, and fly over the inverted slide. Europe will offer Falcon Flight, Viking Voyage and Sea Dragon entertainments.


Kings Dominion

Kings Dominion Trip

(photo by billyhime)

Kings Dominion in Virginia is a popular amusement park with water activities for children and adults. In the children’s part of the park, there’s Planet Snoopy, with breathtaking carousels.

Fearless visitors are invited to “fly around” on a roller coaster around a volcano, or test the strength on the longest slide of the planet called “Dominator”, attracting brave souls from the USA. Teenagers and adults can experience “Xtreme Skyflyer” zone, offering hang gliding and parachuting.

Children can taste different delicacies in numerous cafes. Then go to the water park created at the complex to swim in a huge pool. Kids are offered to come to the Halloween Pumpkin Festival, while moms will love the Winter Festival, and dads shouldn’t miss the Oktoberfest.



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