What You Should Know About The Planner Tool?

There are many tools that we can choose during keyword research tasks. The Google Adwords Keyword Tool have been retired a few years ago and it is important for you to know how to work with the replacement tool. This new tool is designed to fully streamline the task of finding the most appropriate keywords. Google Adwords Keyword Tool is designed to ease the planning for PPC campaign, but it is also highly valuable for SEO campaigns. The Planner is the newer tool that can help you to achieve proper results. It is an internal tool and part of the Adwords family. It means that people that have been logged into their Google account can easily use the tool. Creating a Google account is easy and in fact, it’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t have a Google account.

The interface of Planner is obviously different compared to the Adwords Keyword Tool. There are no more boxes to choose exact, phrase and broad. However, the filter allows you to narrow down the geographical area. It means that the tool should be highly useful for many local businesses that interact only with local customers. You may also search keyword based on the cost per click. It means that you will know about the probably value of each keyword. The default selection is broad and the result is limited to only 50 search terms. You should know what keywords that you should choose. They keywords should be relevant to your products and services, while not being too competitive.

The cost per click for the keyword often indicates the competitiveness level. Simple keywords, such as finance and insurance, are highly competitive and their costs per click are also quite high. It is a good idea to narrow the keyword down by adding geographical and other related keywords. If you add the proper keywords, you should be able to reduce the level of competition. However, if you add the wrong keyword, the amount of traffic will be too low to be profitable. The best keywords or keyphrases should have the lowest level of competition and the highest traffic. With some learning process, you should be able to define the most appropriate long tail keywords as the base for your overall content.

After making new keyphrases based on a primary keyword, you may find that your traffic is reduced significantly. It means that you should consider making new keyphrases. Many keyword research tools are quite expensive and they may have monthly associated fees. However, these tools can really save your time. In general, the Planner is a combination of Traffic Estimator and Keyword Tool, so you will be able to better estimate what keywords that can really benefit your overall SEO project. The speed of the research should be enhanced many times over. If your market is huge enough, you may ultra-refine your actual consumer niches, so you will be able to gain decent traffic with much less competition from other websites in the industry.


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