Why You Should Focus On Google Authorship, Instead Of Google PageRank?

Any SEO practitioner should know about the difference between Google Authorship and Google PageRank. They are not similar and it’s worth understanding their differences. When we are talking about authorship, it is about different kinds of approaches that can be connected to your content and other related content on the web. With strong authorship, people will easily know that a piece of original information was released by an author. They will be able to obtain the photo, social media presence and other things related to the author when the search for the information. When the information is useful enough, a strong authorship will encourage people to look for other information released by the author in the past.

Google Rank is a much less tangible indicator and it’s often related to search results. It’s the grade that is given by Google to a website to determine its level of web authority. The more reliable and useful the content, the higher the Google Rank of the website. Many SEO professionals see Google Rank as an important quantification of a website authority in specific industry or subject. It is important to know that this rank is virtual and the actual formula used by Google calculate the Rank remains a mystery. However, there’s always a correlation between the level of credibility and trust of website with its Google Rank. Today, authorship does carry a lot of weight and it is important for us to know which indicator to use.

While Google PageRank is a virtual indicator, the actual degree of authorship can be easier to gauge. Regardless of its Google PageRank, a website is seen as an online portal with high authorship, if a large number of loyal audience with similar interests continue to visit the website for latest information. Visitors also show the eagerness by contributing in the comment section to share their opinions and experience related to the subject. They form a strong relationship with the website and the author. People are willing to return almost each day and the bounce rate among them is very low. If you are able to achieve this condition, you can guarantee a more successful business, because people are more willing to interact with you.

Authorship should be a highly advantageous thing to have for business owners, especially for growing small business. The concept of obtaining strong Google Authorship is relatively simple. You need unique, compelling content that is released daily, which encourages people to come to your website often. You need to associate the compelling information to your identity as the original author. It means that you can show your profile photo and it would be very helpful if you are highly active in Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. This allows people to connect to you more easily and the interaction will further strengthen your Google Authorship value. It is clear that Google Authorship delivers more tangible and real results compared to Google PageRank.

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